The Coro d’Italia, founded in 1932 by educator Dr. Leonard Covello and student Elba Farabegoli, is acknowledged as the first ensemble dedicated solely to performing and preserving  tradtional Italian song, dance and costuming, in America. The first home of the Coro was Casa Italia at Columbia University. Covello and Farabegoli researched the songs, music, dances, and traditional clothing of the hometowns of the many Italians immigrants who settled in New York City. 

Farabegoli went on to found IFAFA, Italian Folk Arts Federation of America. Her work has helped to spread Italian traditions throughout the country where similar ensembles have been formed, from Massachusetts, to Illinois, to Wisconsin and California. She literally wrote the book from which many ensembles draws their material. 

Throughout it’s storied history, the Coro performed as part of the 1939 World’s Fair, at Carnegie Hall, at Town Hall, and many other notable venues. For over 85 years the Coro has been the voice of Italians in New York City and beyond.  

In 1994 gemelli Marylou and Joanna Romano joined the Coro. Due to the demographic shift of Italian Americans from the city to the suburbs, Marylou, with her sister’s support, moved the Coro from it’s base at the McBurney YMCA on 23rd street to northern New Jersey. They were soon joined by Barbara Castellana Stasiack, who “grew up” in the Coro, as her parents; Nancy Florio Castellano, and John Castellano were longtime members of the Coro. Nancy was the piano accompanist, and John the dance director.

Coro d’Italia in performance 1940’s

Since 2000 the Coro d’Italia has carried on the tradition of researching, rehearsing and presenting annual concerts in New Jersey. Each year a particular theme is chosen to explore, they’ve been; The Neapolitan Song, The Italian American SongBook, and this year will feature Italian American’s contribution to Jazz. In addition, to yearly formal concerts their traveling ensemble performs at various feasts, festivals, schools, libraries and special events.

Wishing to pass down traditions to the next generation, Ms. Romano went on to found the Scuola d’Italia, and Bambini d’Italia Children’s Ensemble in 1998. These programs teach children to appreciate their Italian heritage and learn more about their ancestral culture.

Eventi Epeciale are special cultural events offered periodically to the community. “Viva! Viva! La Befana!” has been presented annually for the past 15 years. Coccia Foundation has been generously sponsoring this afternoon of family fun since 2014. Other events have included; St. Joseph’s Day Tables, Tarantella Lessons, and Italian Heritage Days.

Elda Coccia and her granddaughter enjoying the annual “Viva! Viva! La Befana” family event sponsored by Coccia Foundation.
Students dress up in traditional dress as part of a school presentation.

As programs have been added the organization became incorporated into a not for profit under the name of D’Italia Programs. Over the past 25 years the Coro has performed annual concerts at venues throughout New Jersey and New York, and continues the original mission to promote and preserve Italian American culture in all it’s variety!