Most Valuable Paisan!

The 2018-2019 season’s “Most Valuable Paisan award” was presented to the Marzullo family, who have done so much for the Italian-American community.

Brother and Sister team, Rafaelle Marzullo, and Marialena Marzullo, spearheaded the successful effort to keep Our Lady of Mt. Carmel church open by gathering petition signatures, writing op-eds, and reinstating the OLMC Feast!

Rafaelle, who was born in Aquilonia, Italy, was also instrumental in Montclair officially becoming a sister city to the town of Aquilonia, and stood in for the his hometown’s mayor at the official signing. You can learn more about Sister Cities at

Grazie mille, Marzullos!

You represent the best of what the Italian-American community can do!

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