Work is already underway on our new fall production: “Bella Italia… and All That Jazz!” It showcases Italian-American pioneers in Jazz such as Vince Guaraldi, Nick LaRocca, Morgana King, and Louis Prima. It’s an exciting time to highlight the contributions of Italians to American Culture, which has always been a special part of our mission.

This is a subject dear to Artistic Director Marylou Romano’s heart. A true Jazz aficionado, Marylou has curated an amazing collection of songs and has centered, a uniquely American art form, wherein the contributions of Italians are appreciated, from it’s birth in New Orleans, through it’s evolution into standard American radio fare.

It’s an interesting time to contemplate New Orleans and the Italian-American community which settled there in the late 1800s: On April 12th, 2019, New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell, has formally apologized on behalf of the city, for the most horrific lynching in American history; on March 14th, 1891, eleven Italian-Americans who had been acquitted of murder were then murdered at the hands of a mob. We appreciate that Mayor Cantrell has taken this step. As she so eloquently stated: “At this late date, we cannot give justice, but we can be intentional and deliberate about what we do going forward.”

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